I want to install a custom printer driver on all Windows computers connected to my printer fleet

To install a printer or scanner on your Mac, just plug it in. While your Mac’s generic drivers may let you use the device, you’ll need the device’s bundled software application to access all of its features. Visit Apple’s printer and scanner software page for more information about this topic. A device driver typically refers to software that allows an operating system and its applications to access hardware devices such as mice, keyboards, or more importantly processors.

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Your CPU is just doing all of the raw calculations. Drivers really never, or almost never, enter into the equation for the types of computing your CPU is up to. CPUs are just too basic, too essential, to be bogged down with the details of what all those ones and zeros are up to. But having said that, general BIOS and chipset updates can impact on your CPU.

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Many users faced the Nvidia driver installation issues in Windows 10 as well, and the fixes are pretty much the same. Run DDU first, then install your new driver and restart into Windows. If you’re still experiencing issues past this point, unfortunately, you’re most likely dealing with either a graphics card issue or a problem elsewhere in your system.

  • Right-click the problematic printer and select “Remove device”.
  • In the uninstaller, click “Uninstall” at the bottom right to uninstall the NVIDIA graphics driver.
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Most drivers are shunted to the User side of the fence these days, with the notable exception of video card drivers, which need bare-knuckle Kernel mode performance. But even that is changing; in Windows Vista, video drivers are segmented into User and Kernel sections. Perhaps that’s why gamers complain that Vista performs about 10 percent slower in games. It’s easiest to think of MBEC as hardware acceleration for the memory integrity feature, sort of like how AES-NI instructions sped up encryption operations a decade or so ago.

2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Using the DDU to create a clean environment is sufficient for a large majority of users but is not going to be the immaculate solution for every user and every situation. Some issues are more involved and may require a new Windows installation or further investigation to determine hardware and other driver compatibility. Players can manually update their drivers from Nvidia’s website or via Geforce Experience. However, despite Beenox’s statement, some players are still reporting performance issues even after updating.


I prefer DDU since I’m comfortable with the routine. Better to install nVidia drivers from Ubuntu repository. With the nVidia drivers they are not reinstalled when a new kernel is downloaded. The Ubuntu version of the nVidia driver is automatically updated, so you do not normally have to do anything extra. Also installing a new driver, does not correctly replace an older driver. You mus totally purge any & all old drivers before installing a new one to avoid conflicts.

” section of this article to learn how to get those drivers. ” section of this article to learn how to hunt for those drivers. Your computer will now begin to look for an updated version of the driver software. If an updated version is available, Windows will automatically download and install the latest available version of the driver. Sometimes, problems on a Windows Laptop or Desktop computer are caused due to outdated or expired device drivers. You can find below the steps to Update and Reinstall Drivers in Windows 10.